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 Jane Carlisle Bellerby - Artist Statement

Combining a love of both walking within and depicting landscape, Jane is currently following a course of post-graduate study, initiated to cultivate a deeper understanding of our perception of and connection to the rural and natural landscape. As time progressed she was able to identify the significant themes which shape her own relationship to the land and underpin her creative practice. Placing the concept of 'Biophilia' (Wilson, 1984) and scientific evidence supporting the benefits of green exercise alongside personal responses valuing psychological immersion within the landscape, has enabled Jane to develop mixed media textile work for both outdoor and indoor settings, the former inviting the effect of the elements upon it, the latter representing the internalization of the outdoor experience.

Direct contact with nature and the land is illustrated through a variety of techniques; use of photographs and digital recordings, texture prints and rubbings using handmade crayons, natural dyeing, eco printing and rust marking on silk, used to denote preciousness. Manmade rubbish weathered by the elements and collected whilst walking is utilized alongside natural found objects embedded in handmade paper or stitch. Recurring motifs are used throughout; the golden suture representing improving health and emotional fortitude, concentric circles and holes/portals signifying movement through space whilst also acting as a sanctuary. Every hand stitch, akin to the footpath markings on a map, celebrates the potential for personal transition that physical movement through the land can provide us.


MA Creative Practice, Harrogate College 2016

BA Hons History & Theory of Art, University of Central Lancashire 1998

Foundation Diploma Art & Design (Textiles), Harrogate College 1991   


   Short video of Thruscross Reservoir walk in North Yorkshire.


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