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  1. Recently back from a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Skye, revisiting stunning landscapes such as The Quiriang and The Old Man of Storr - a Lord of the Rings setting if ever there was one! I can recommend 9 Torrin Self-Catering Caravan Accomodation for excellent accomodation, games room and most importantly drying room!

    The Quiriang, Isle of Skye  Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

    Have a busy weekend ahead setting up a 2 week Creative iD group exhibition at The Station in Richmond and as part of a 'Meet the Artist' demonstration programme at Wensleydale Galleries in Leyburn. I'll be demonstrating silk painting techniques alongside other artists specializing in fine art, chainsaw sculpture, willow weaving and paper-cutting - the demonstration timetable can be seen on my Facebook page.


  2. Head down and short walks in this bracing weather - Thruscross and Grimwith Reservoirs are always good for wintry days with beautiful views and decent paths.

    My silk collage art is now on display at Chantry House Gallery in Ripley, North Yorkshire alongside fantastic pieces by fine artists Emmerson Mayes and Richard Snowden. Current silk collage work has taken me away from my usual landscapes into the world of 'Creatures' in readiness for the next @ The Studio exhibition in Dacre Banks, Nidderdale. Photos of my main piece 'Eye' can be seen on my facebook page, both as work in progress and the final piece - it's based on butterfly wings but led me in a completely different direction, becoming the 'Eye'!

      Thruscross Reservoir Feb 2013  Eye Silk Collage Jane Carlisle Bellerby 3.13

     'Eye' new silk collage by Jane Carlisle Bellerby