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  1. Like so many summer events, the annual Nidd Art Trail  has become a virtual happening, with over 50 artists and craftspeople from Nidderdale and the surrounding area being represented, with links to their other online platforms and selling outlets, some of which are now open again. 

  2. A group exhibition exploring the concept of ‘verge’. This could mean looking into the edges of physical spaces, existing on the periphery of society, being on the verge of a psychological breakthrough or transitioning between different states of emotion. Within this group of experienced practitioners, creative responses encompass a range of media to present a rich and diverse body of work which holds a lens to the various verges we encounter through life.

    Featured artists

    Jane Carlisle Bellerby - silk & mixed media, Gill Kirk - textile art/printmaking 

    Anna Lilleengen - photography, Fiona Mazza - ceramics 

    Frances Payne - fine art, Sandra Storey - fine art/printmaking , Nicola Turner - fine art/mixed media 

    Verge group exhibition, Rural Arts, Thirsk 2019